Vibrant Health Green Vibrance Junior + Vitamin D-3 - 14-42 Day Supply 11.87 oz

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Vibrant Health Green Vibrance Junior For Kids Green Apple

is a green foods formula for children ages 2 to 12. Vibrant Health Green Vibrance Junior For Kids Green Apple contains 9 billion probiotics from 9 strains. Vibrant Health Green Vibrance Junior For Kids Green Apple is a concentrated superfood with protein. To a child it often seems so easy: Growing up, that is. It just sort of happens. But that does not do away with the need for a broad range of nutrients required for growth and maturation. every body system.

Vibrant Health Green Vibrance Junior For Kids Green Apple not only fills in the gaps in a child’s often biased and randomly selected diet, but also provides essential nutrients required for full and healthful growth. Children need protein to build muscle, bone, and a robust endocrine system. They need zinc to assure growth, healing, immunity and maturation through puberty. They need a host of trace nutrients to run and regulate enzyme systems throughout the body, fuel brain development, and, ultimately, support every body system.

Green Vibrance Junior is focused on young people, and what is required to make them grow and thrive.

  • A Formula for Children 2 to 12
  • 9 Billion Probiotics from 9 strains
  • Concentrated Superfood with Protein
  • A Full, Balanced Meal of Protein, Fruits & Vegetables

  • Benefits
    Green Vibrance Junior for Kids
    Real food for your precious child

  • 17g of balanced Vegetable Proteins
  • 9 Billion Dairy Free Probiotics from 9 Strains
  • 3g of Fiber per serving
  • More energy
  • Key Amino Acids & Trace Minerals
  • Mom's Favorite Fruits & Vegetables
  • Supports Muscular, Endocrine, Skeletal & Immune Systems
  • Supports Digestion & Healthy Brain Function
  • NO Fructose
  • Fat Free, Gluten Free
  • And it Tastes GREAT! Green Apple

  • For children ages 9-12, mix one scoop (enclosed) of Green Vibrance into 8 ox of milk, milk alternative, juice or water. For ages 6-8, use two-thirds scoop. For ages 3-5, use one-third scoop. Stir briskly or zap in a blender. Drink, enjoy and prosper.

    Vibrant Health Green Vibrance Junior for Kids Green Apple - 238 g. (8.4 oz)
    Supplement Facts
    Serving Size: 1 Scoop (17 g)
    Servings Per Container: 14
      Amount per serving % Daily value
    Calories 56
    Calories from Fat 7
    Total Fat 0.7 g 0%
    Saturated Fat 0.0 g 0%
    Trans Fat 0.0 g 0%
    Polyunsaturated Fat 0.6 g.
    Monounsaturated Fat 0.1 g
    Cholesterol 0 mg 0%
    Sodium 53 mg. 2%
    Potassium 200 mg 6%
    Total Catrbohydrates 5.5 g 2%
    Dietary Fiber 3.2 g 13%
    Sugars 2.4 g
    Protein 10 g
    Vitamin A (from Beta Carotene) 700 IU 14%
    Vitamin C (total) 59 mg 98%
    Calcium (total) 70 mg 7%
    Iron (total) 4.5 mg 25%

    Protein to Grown On
    Yellow Pea Protein 5.1 g *
    Rice Protein Isolate (certified organic) 4.1 g *
    Spirulina Powder (certified organic) 0.8 g *

    Deep Greens
    Barley Grass Juice (certified organic) 50 mg. *
    Barley Grass Leaf (certified organic) 150 mg. *
    Chlorella, cracked cell (certified organic) 100 mg. *
    Hydrilla Verticillata leaf & stef (certified organic) 150 mg. *
    Oat Grass Juice (certified organic) 100 mg. *
    Oat Grass Leaf (certified organic) 100 mg. *
    Parsley leaf & stef (cerified organic) 200 mg. *
    Wheat Grass Juice (certified organic) 150 mg. *
    What Grass Leaf (certified organic) 250 mg. *

    Mom's Favorite Vegetarian
    Beet Juice (certified organic) 200 mg. *
    Broccoli, aeriel parts (certified organic) 100 mg. *
    Brussel sprouts 50 mg. *
    Cabbage, white 50 mg. *
    Cabbage, red 50 mg. *
    Spinach powder, freeze dried (certified organic) 100 mg. *
    Carrot Juice Crystals (certified organic) 200 mg. *
    Cauliflower 100 mg. *
    Collard Green 50 mg. *
    Green Beans 100 mg. *
    Green Peas 150 mg. *
    Kelp, Laminaria Digtata (certified organics) 50 mg. *
    Rockweed, sea vegetable (certified organic) 50 mg. *
    Spinach, leaf & stem (certified organic) 100 mg. *
    Tomato, fruit 100 mg. *
    Zucchini, fruit 100 mg. *

    Plant Minerals from 150 mg of Indian Mustard providing:
    Chromium 65 mcg 54%
    Manganese 266 mcg 13%
    Molybdenum 22 mcg 29%
    Iron 641 mcg 3.5%
    Copper 275 mcg 14%
    Selenium 32 mcg 46%
    Vanadium 14 mcg *
    Zinc 3 mg 20%

    Mom's Favorite Fruits
    Acerola berry juice powder, 25% natural Vitamin C (certified organic) 200 mg *
    Whole apple powder (certified organic) 400 mg. *
    Apricot fruit 100mg. *
    Blackberry fruit 100 mg *
    Blueberry fruit, freeze dried (certified organic) 100 mg. *
    Camu camu berry, 20% Vitamin C 100 mg *
    Cranberry fruit extract 100 mg. *
    Pomegranate fruit and skin 100 mg *
    Prune (plum) fruit 100 mg. *
    Concord grape (fruit) 200 mg. *
    Raspberry fruit extract 100% *
    Strawberry fruit 100% *

    Nine (9) Dairy-Free Probiotic Cultures (9 billion total at date of manufacture)
    Bifidobacterium bifdum 0.675 billion *
    Bifidobacterium breve 1.35 billion *
    Bifidobacterium infantis 0.45 billion *
    Bifidobacterium longum 2.25 billion *
    Lactobacillus acidophilus 0.9 billion *
    Lactobacillus bilgaricus 0.18 billion *
    Lactobacillus casai 0.9 billion *
    Lactobacillus rhamnosus 1.8 billion *
    Streptococcus thermophilus 0.495 billion *

    A Little Enzyme
    Alpha-galactosidase 30 mg. *

    Brain and Never Foods
    Lecitihin Powder (non-GMO) 98% oil free 200 mg. *
    Vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin) 100 mg. 1667%
    Policosanol (from Rice Bran Wax) 1 mg. *

    Essential Skeletal Support
    Vitamin D3 (in organic alpha) 1000 IU 250%
    Phyto-Boron (patented calcium fructo borate) 1 mg *

    Flavor and Texture
    Natural Green Apple Flavor 650 mg *
    Evaporated Cane Juice (certified organic) 800 mg *
    Nutrim Oat Bran Concentrate 300 mg *
    Luo Han Guo Extract 10 mg *
    Natural sweetener with Luo Han Guo 265 mg *
    Talin thuumatin (Thaumatococcus danielli fruit extract) 1.1 mg *
    *Daily value not established
    Other Ingredients: None.

    The Proteins
    Children naturally require a daily intake of high quality protein to support development of their muscular, endocrine, skeletal, and immune systems. Healthy brain function is also fueled by key amino acids that are converted to neurotransmitters in the brain.
    The protein sources in Green Vibrance Junior were selected for their cleanliness (absence of hormone and antibiotic contaminants), broad profile rich in essential amino acids, easy digestibility and ability to support both growth and immune function.
    Proserum® Whey Protein effectively combines the high protein efficiency of whey protein with the renowned immune support of colostrum, lactoferrin and immunoglobulins.

    Nutrient Density
    Green Vibrance Junior rapidly delivers a multitude of trace nutrients that will be used to support growth and development. Cereal grass juices (i.e. certified organic alfalfa, barley, oat, wheat) alone deliver virtually all known nutrients and several uncharacterized “growth factors” that cause young animals to rapidly grow larger, stronger, and healthier with greater resistance to disease. Those same cereal grasses allow mature animals (and undoubtedly humans) to repair and replenish bodily tissues more quickly.

    Children often have trouble developing a passion for healthful vegetables. Vibrant Health has addressed this issue by selecting a specific group of air dried and freeze dried vegetables. The nutrient profile of each was compared with the profiles of the others in order to provide a balanced and complete measure of trace nutrients.

    A special mineral complex from Indian Mustard, Brasicca juncea, was selected in order to assure a meaningful presence of trace minerals essential to growth and maturation (zinc), the synthesis of hemoglobin in each red blood cell (copper & iron), antioxidant enzyme support (copper, iron, zinc, selenium), cell membrane integrity (manganese) and blood fat and sugar control (chromium, vanadium, zinc.) Boron as patented calcium fructo borate, plus a full 1,000 i.u. of vitamin D3 are is also included to help assure that the child’s rapidly developing bones do so properly.

    Let’s not forget the fruits
    The rapid metabolism of a growing body calls for enhanced antioxidant protection. Green Vibrance Junior contains a colorful and flavorful selection of some of the best anti-oxidant fruits.

    Early food prejudices in young children often cause some less than ideal foods to travel a child’s digestive tract. Probiotics help maintain and restore a healthy intestinal environment in the face of dietary abuse. Green Vibrance Junior delivers a robust innoculation of the gastrointestinal tract with nine different probiotics, specifically selected for children, to improve the one system that must function well first and foremost above all others if growth, development and health is to be maintained.

    Finishing it off
    Startling statistics on the health status of American youth reveals that obesity is on the rise, and along with it, early stages of cardiovascular disease. Our inclusion of lecithin and policosanol in Green Vibrance Junior serves two purposes: To help protect against early onset cardiovascular disease, and to support nerve growth and development.

    Some green foods for children currently available in the marketplace resemble chocolate milk powders with token amounts of greens blended in, or some other wildly sweet drink mix with certainly less nutritional value than Green Vibrance Junior. By contrast, a full 17 serving of Green Vibrance Junior contains only 2.03 grams of ingredients specifically added to improve flavor. In keeping with our tradition, Vibrant Health delivers TRUE nutritional value for the benefit of the end user.

    Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place. Store Green Vibrance on your freezer (best) or refrigerator (good) after opening.


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